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  1. Love this e-bike!

    Posted by Judi During on 2021 May 9th

    My first e-bike and I am not regretful at all. This bike is everything that it is advertised to be -and more ! Dave was so great when I called - best customer service possible. In the end I purchased a great product and I may have already gotten my moneys worth as I have been out biking at every possibility. I love that I can turn the power off - and then quickly and easily turn it on when I see a need for it coming up...ie..a hill. I have ridden on numerous terrains so far and it has stood up. I love the option of the headlight and have used it in evening lighting. The battery power is amazing so far and it has been easy to remove for me to lift the bike into the back of my vehicle. I easily recommend Hilleater for anyone thinking of getting an e-bike

  2. Galiano ST

    Posted by Doug on 2021 Mar 29th

    I purchased the Galiano ST in late fall and I have already racked up over 1500 kms. The bike is extremely well balanced and with the suspension forks is a smooth ride over the potholed roads surrounding our neighbourhood. The Ezee 500 watt motor provides excellent torque and combined with the 10 speed gear system flattens out our rather steep hills. The battery is the 52V version and has loads of power - it's a big hill to climb coming home from a long ride but there always seems to be power to spare. The brakes, throttle, gears are all premium quality and the seat, handle bars is super comfortable and the fenders, back rack lights plus all of the other accessories are such a bonus. This is my 3rd e-bike and it is the best one yet!

  3. 2020 Hilleater Galiano ST

    Posted by D.H. Zielke on 2020 Oct 9th

    Review: 2020 Hilleater E-Bikes Galiano ST
    Owner: D.H. Zielke
    This is a review of my recently purchased Hilleater Galiano ST. (This is the newest model, updated since the original model was introduced). As I roll up more km's, I will probably write an update, but for now I have formed a pretty good impression of not only the bike, but also of the direct purchase experience from Hilleater E-Bikes.
    I need to mention that although Hilleater does offer a demo program that was local to me, I did not avail myself of it. I had done considerable research prior to placing my order and liked what was offered. I also had some previous e-bike experience with two conversions I did myself, as well as test rides on some friends bikes.
    In a market that is absolutely jammed with a maze of competitors at all price ranges and levels of quality, Hilleater prides itself on providing value for the money along with a more personal customer relationship. There are currently just three models in the Hilleater line-up. Hilleater operates from their small workshop on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
    Hilleater customers order directly from a modest, but efficient website. The business model of online sales direct to the consumer (bypassing the traditional bike shop) is very common in the e-bike industry. At the time I wanted to order, my model choice was out of stock. This is a prevalent situation in todays overheated e-bike market. However, unlike most of their competitors, Hilleater did not demand full payment up front for a back ordered model, they only asked for a small, place-holding deposit. This gave me extra confidence in my early dealings with Hilleater. I was uncomfortable with too many stories about people waiting for months on delayed shipments, having paid in full, and wondering when (if?) they will ever see their bike. All in all, my on-line purchasing experience with Hilleater was about as trouble-free and seamless as could be. If I had any reservations at all with the actual Hilleater website, it is just that I wished for more detailed specifications about the frame geometry, cycle components etc. That said, prospective customers can always dial the workshop and ask their questions, speaking directly to a real person.
    My new bike arrived exactly when promised. The shipping was free as advertised and trucked right to my garage door. The large cardboard box contained a bike that was 99% pre-assembled. This point should not be understated. Many brands that tout bargain price tags will arrive needing considerable assembly. While some buyers may be prepared for this, it may come as a rude surprise to those without a workspace, tools and mechanical skills. Their only option is to find a local bike shop to assemble the bike at some additional cost. Finding a shop willing to do this may be additionally frustrating. It's worth mentioning the bike did come with a few pages of basic information. Perhaps, Hilleater might consider providing a more detailed Owners Manual with full specifications and maintenance instructions in the future.
    The only assembly I had to do with my Galiano ST, was to insert the handlebar/stem into the headset then adjust the controls and seat height to my preferences. There was absolutely no electrical wiring or connections to be completed. Everything needed was in the box and nothing arrived damaged or wrong in the assembly. The handlebar mounted display was pre-programmed. All the cables were neatly secured. The battery only needed a light charge from the supplied charger, and the bike was ready to ride.
    Once the bike was free of the box and standing on it's own two, beautifully straight and true wheels, the value vs. money equation became immediately apparent to me. The components chosen to build this bike were from name brand companies and mostly all in the upper tier of quality. This aspect of e-bike pricing is possibly one of the most important ones shoppers should recognize. Bargain e-bikes will invariably attain their lower price points by utilizing components of mediocre quality. Especially things like batteries; the real heart of e-bike performance. When you consider the battery in any decent e-bike should represent a large proportion of the total bike cost, any brand that skimps on battery quality and capacity has just tricked the unwitting customer into buying a bike of lesser value.
    Following are my comments about specific items of standard equipment used in the Hilleater Galiano ST, ones that were especially important to me and reinforced my decision to buy.
    ⦁ The bike came with a high quality, 500 watt rear hub motor by eZee. While companies like Bafang dominate the e-bike motor business, I learned that eZee, although a smaller company, had a well deserved reputation for durable hub motors offering honest power output numbers. I definitely need to praise this motor for it's quiet running. Actually, the tires make far more noise on the pavement than this lovely eZee motor! Although they are popular with some bike brands, I did not want a mid-drive motor. In my opinion, they are too complicated in regards to their mechanical and electrical aspects, can increase the wear of other drivetrain parts and some makes may be prone to early obsolescence . If I had to, I could replace my rear hub motor with a new one in short order and keep enjoying my bike for thousands of km's more.
    ⦁ An e-bike motor is only as good as the controller and battery that supports it, and the Galiano ST came with a genuine ASI controller and a 52 volt 15 amp/hr Reention Lithium battery pack. The battery case is metal rather than plastic. Mounting a heavy battery is a crucial but often overlooked detail on other makes. This bike has a very solid, side opening, Reention battery cradle that locks for extra security. I liked the fact that the battery is not proprietary like some that are totally enclosed inside the frame. Also, the Galiano ST's partially, frame enclosed battery is much better protected and sleeker in appearance than the ugly, "Dolphin" style batteries that sit outside of frame tubes on many other e-bikes. I'm getting a good range from the battery of around 60 km per charge, but that includes a lot of steep hills where I typically ride. On the flat, the range is probably closer to 80 km per charge. I expect the range may even increase slightly as the new battery cells break-in to full capacity.
    ⦁ The Sempu Torque Sensor bottom bracket was a pleasant surprise. I really like the way it sends precise signals to the controller and motor for a smooth pedal response. and gapless power delivery. This characteristic is one of the positive attributes that mid-drive motors are known for. While cheap e-bikes make do with crude, cadence (PAS) magnetic sensors, the Sempu Torque Sensor rewards it's rider with a natural power flow that seems to almost anticipate what your legs are doing. Kudos to Hilleater for making this (expensive) Torque Sensor standard equipment.
    ⦁ Hydraulic brakes (2-piston) are by Magura, front and rear. The stopping power is progressive and strong. I especially like the levers. They are comfortable and effective, even when just using two-fingers on the lever.
    ⦁ There is a suspension front fork by Suntour. It is a basic model (NEX) in the lowest-end of the vast Suntour model range. It has only about 50 mm of travel and negligible rebound damping. It looks like it is strongly constructed and durable, but the performance left me wanting something better. Suntour is fine product, but Hilleater should have moved up the model line for a few dollars more. Air-assisted rebound damping would be good to have.
    ⦁ So far, I'm not that impressed with the adjustable quill stem and handlebars. I did not recognize the make. I detect some flexibility between these parts and I don't like it. Yes, the adjustability of the stem is a bonus, but my example creaks a bit unless I take a large wrench and tighten it far more than I should have to. I've had to do that several times already and have now put some blue Loctite on the pivot bolt threads to see if that will help. The handlebars are also nothing special. This beautiful bike deserves some nice, thicker, double butted handlebars and a quality stem. Think, Ritchey or Neco; that sort of quality.
    ⦁ My Galiano ST has a Suntour SP-12 NCX Suspension Seat Post. This is one of the few options offered for my bike and I had to mention it. It was worth every penny of the extra $140 I paid. I consider it a "must have" for a most comfortable ride along with the supportive saddle the bike already comes with. If you are considering the ST, get the post!
    ⦁ There is a heavy duty luggage rack. Again, a departure from cost-cutting e-bikes that clog the market and may have a rack only as an extra cost option. I put a little trunk bag on mine, but the rack is quite long and there is room for larger luggage.
    ⦁ I don't travel at night, so can't really appraise the supplied lighting system, but it looks decent enough with well integrated wiring and is powered from the bike battery rather than dry cells like on some cheap bikes. One feature I wish the tail light had, is a flashing mode for use during the day time. I've seen this offered on other brands and Hilleater should too.
    ⦁ I think a comment about the frame is due here. Specifically, the welding and the paint finish. The frame is, as all modern e-bikes are, made from aluminum. Some of the bikes I've looked at had abysmal-looking welds. I'm a welder. However, the Galiano ST welds proudly show close, consistent beading, and have not been artificially smoothed by a grinder and filled with polyester putty. The frame feels stiff under the most aggressive pedaling I've done. No worries here about suffering with a flexible frame just to enjoy the advantages of a low-step. As far as the paint finish on the frame, I was informed by Hilleater that it is indeed, not "paint" at all, but powder coating. I know a bit about the powder coating process, so I feel my comment here is valid. Compared to paint, powder coating can offer a durable and attractive finish. My Galiano ST sports the yellow colour and I love the bright, glossy look! However, upon closer inspection the finish is slightly less perfect than I expected. The powder coating process uses electrostatic energy to make the coating find and adhere to all surfaces including every crevice and corner of the object being treated, then the whole workpiece is baked in an oven to fuse the powder into a smooth finish. On my particular frame, there are several spots in the tight corners around various brackets and other weldments, where the coating did not accumulate with sufficient density. It's not a terrible job by any stretch, but could and should have been done better. Also, on some of the larger areas of the frame, I can again detect the coating is not as dense as it is on other parts. The application is best described as inconsistent. Hilleater needs to address this issue with their frame supplier. There is the possibility of course that my bike is an outlier in this regard.

    I'm going to finish this initial review by saying I love my Hilleater Galiano ST.
    (I have rated it with 4 stars. Really, it is closer to 4.5 stars but the page does not afford that option.)
    I feel fortunate to have found out about this small and unassuming company whose vision is to create great e-bikes that are not just like another cheap and cheerful, Rad Power or other similar, mass-produced offering.
    The power and performance went well beyond my expectations. The overall quality is much higher than some other brands that actually cost more than the Hilleater. The entire bike feels solid and well-integrated. It handles asphalt roads, gravel paths and rutted trails with equal stability and comfort. It looks great and rides even better. If it has any "bad habits", I've yet to discover them. Although sheer speed is not as important to me as climbing ability, the Galiano ST makes it's top speed effortlessly.
    The Hilleater company did not insult my intelligence by making false and exaggerated claims about the power of the simple but efficient drivetrain. It delivers the power and range the builder promised it would. The bike design is not burdened by stupid fashions like ultra-fat tires, small wheels and motorcycle appearance. I didn't have to fear being sucked in by slick marketing ploys, either. And best of all, I never had second thoughts about buying it, like those who went for a cheap, clone-bike, lured by price and price alone. I got a huge bonus of pride of ownership included in my purchase of a Hilleater e-bike.
    One of the industry "traps" that can catch the unaware customer, is a low price tag dangled in front of the eyes. Then, an option list that appears later on down the order page. By the time, all the bottom-tier, budget componentry is swept away and substituted for something the customer really wants (and should've had in the first place), the low price tag is just a sad memory. Hilleater produces an honest product at a realistic price.

Warranty Information

Hilleater bikes carry a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers parts only, and does not include wear parts such as tires, brake pads, chain etc, except where they fail due to a defect, not as a result of wear.
The battery is guaranteed to have a minimum of 70% of original capacity after two years.

Product Videos

Introducing the hilleater Galiano and Galiano ST premium e-Bikes! 01:08

Intro to hilleater's Galiano e-bikes. Premium hub motor electric bikes for your commuting pleasure.

  • Introducing th...
    Intro to hilleater's Galiano e-bikes. Premium hub motor electr...

Product Description

The refined Hilleater Galiano ST!

16Ah 52V batteries now in stock.

Yellow, blue, red, and magenta available.



Product description:

Our goal with the Galiano ST is to offer a higher quality hub motor e-bike that is still reasonably priced.  Commuters appreciate the lower maintenance and simple dependability that come with a hub motor, but most of these bikes use lower end parts.  Assembly of key components like the wheels leave something to be desired. 

For a few hundred dollars more we offer one of the best geared hub motors available, driven by a state of the art field oriented sine wave controller, and bottom bracket torque sensor, completely outfitted for commuting, or just day to day use.

Now featuring a 52V battery, this bike has the potential for the higher speeds of an S-Pedelec when programmed for off road use. We have also lowered the power in assist 1, so that it just compensates for the added weight of the battery and motor, allowing you to really extend the range if you are willing to work harder. Level 5 still gives you full power is you really want to fly along!


Available in blue, metallic magenta and yellow. 



Key features:

  • Comfortable 18" one size fits most (5'1" to 5'11") step through frame with upright seated position. Adjustable stem allows you to set up the bike for optimum riding position.
  • 500 Watt Ezee geared hub motor with 9 speed freewheel. Smooth and powerful with hilleating torque.
  • New! State of the art Ezee FOC space vector modulation sine wave motor controller. Smooth, efficient, cool running, quiet. Designed by Ezee specifically for the Ezee geared motor
  • 500C TFT color handlebar display. This small unobtrusive display has info info that you need at a glance
  • New! 832 watt hour, 16 Amp hour 52V battery using high current Samsung 21700 40T cells. Real world range 60-80+ km. (40-60 with the 36V 17.5ah battery)
  • Round aluminum bash guard replaces the plastic chain guard shown.
  • Torque sensing bottom bracket gives responsive pedal assist.
  • Set up for commuting with full fenders, wired lights and heavy duty rear rack.
  • Top quality Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • 9 speed Shimano Altus drivetrain




It all starts with the battery:


We use the popular Reention removable downtube battery system, then we add premium Samsung 35 Amp 21700 battery cells. With 4 in parallel the cells are capable of delivering 140 amps, while we only draw 20 amps maximum, ensuring that the cells will stay cool, deliver great power with minimal voltage sag, and have a long life.  

The supplied charger is a quality ETL approved, and is fully automatic, giving a full charge in about 3-6 hours, depending on the depth of discharge.

The optional Grin Satiator charger is programmed for an 85 or 100% charge, and the option of charging at 4 amps if you are in a hurry.  The 80% charge profile will extend the life of the battery significantly if you do not need the full capacity day to day.

 The motor:

We use the Ezee geared hub motor. It's a little larger than other motors typically used on a commuter e-bike, this means it will have great torque and an long life on the Galiano ST.

Motor features:

  • Machined nylon high strength gears instead of the molded ones in most motors.
  • Built to handle as much as 1100 watts continuous input power.
  • The motor core has been upgraded to use 0.35mm laminations, giving higher peak efficiency and lower no load losses compared to other motors.
  • High quality 9 speed freewheel.
  • Larger diameter steel axle.

The Pedal Assist System

 We use a bottom bracket torque sensor. It measures spindle bend from the force on the cranks and also reads the pedaling cadence at 24 pulses per revolution, twice that of most BB torque sensors. The resulting signal is combined in the operating system, and your pedal effort is amplified in the motor.

We also provide a throttle for those times when you need a little extra boost to get moving from a standstill.


Fully set up, ready to go



 The Galiano comes ready to ride, just rotate and tighten the handlebar, attach the pedals, and install the battery. 

We use name brand accessories like:

  • PC Plastics fenders
  • Zoom suspension seat post included.
  • High brightness LED headlight runs off main battery pack.
  • Spanninga LED rear light runs off main battery pack.
  • 2" Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour puncture resistant tires.
  • KMC rust resistant chain
  • Suntour NEX front suspension fork
  • Large custom rear rack that can accommodate child seats 
  • Bungees included

Frame dimensions are as follows:

  • Wheelbase 1120mm
  • Seat post height, BB to top of tube, 18" or 457mm
  • Seat tube angle 70 degrees
  • Stand over height at intersection of downtube and seat post 470mm
  • Minimum seat height 830mm with optional solid seat post, 883mm with stock suspension seat post.
  • Handlebar height at neck is adjustable, 1055-1105mm
  • Top tube measurement 598mm
  • Overall weight with battery 59 pounds
  • Weight with battery removed 49.6 pounds