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Juiced Bikes has pulled out of the Canadian market, so we are no longer selling Juiced Bikes.  

We will be assisting current owners with warranty and non warranty parts and repairs.

Thanks to all the loyal Juiced Ambassadors! Time to upgrade to a Hilleater bike!


Introducing Hilleater Reps and Ambassadors:


We have a Hilleater rep for the lower mainland!  Contact JT in Coquitlam.  604-603-4206 or


In order to facilitate test rides in your city, we are beginning to implement the E-Bike Ambassador Program.  Bike owners are invited to join up and help spread the word about how much they love their bikes, and receive a bonus payment when they help make a sale.


There are two categories of Ambassador:

  •  The hidden ambassadors will by listed only by their first name and city that they reside in, none of their contact details will be on line.  We will put them in touch with potential customers.  They will receive a fee if a bike is sold.
  • The star ambassadors will have their name, email or phone number listed, so that potential customers can contact them directly for a demo.  They will receive a larger fee if a bike is sold.

Please contact David Elderton at Hill Eater E-Bikes: or 250-538-0911 to become an Ambassador or to get in touch with a hidden ambassador in your city.



British Columbia:


Hilleater Rep: JT


Bike: Galiano ST


Hidden Ambassador: Cathy


Bike: Hilleater Galiano ST


Salt Spring Island:

Hill Eater E-Bikes

Owner David Elderton


Bikes Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE, Galiano ST, Rapid cargo bike.



Hilleater Ambassador: Allan


Bike: Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE





Nova Scotia:




Hilleater Ambassador: Doug




Bike: Hilleater Galiano ST





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