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Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE 52V

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Introducing the 52V Galiano Phaserunner SE

GMAC motors are back in stock.

These bikes are custom made to order, and take up to Four weeks depending on demand. Please note that we are not shipping bikes to the USA at this time. The 52V batteries are now in stock, and the Phaserunner controller is now available again. 

Blue, red, and dark metallic green are the available colors.




The Galiano PhaseRunner SE features a 832 watt hour 52V 16ah battery with high current Samsung 21700 40T cells, and a 30 amp Baserunner controller for 1500 watts of peak hill climbing.  You get 90 Nm of torque off the line for quick starts, and for those all day rides, there is a handlebar dial that lets you choose a watt limit, basically any number you like from less than 100 up to 1500 watts.  The included Grin CycleAnalyst dashboard is customizable, and lets you geek out on figures like watt hours per km,  percentage of regen, and human watt hours.




This bike gives you the advantage of having open source electrics that can be updated as new advancements in motor, battery, or control tech become available.  You are not at the mercy with one brand like you are with a Bosch or Shimano based bike. You can also easily change speed or power limits as you see fit. (You must follow applicable laws in your province when riding on public roads.)





The 52V Galiano Phaserunner edition has a full suite of Grin Tech electronics.  If you have not heard of Grin, you are in for a treat!  Based in Vancouver BC, they are a world leading manufacturer of premium, open source compatible ebike conversion hardware and software.

The 52V Galiano Phaserunner edition has the following changes from the regular Galiano:

  • Grin GMAC geared motor with variable regen braking. (See this article explaining this revolutionary development in ebike motors here)
  • Grin Baserunner or PhaseRunner advanced motor controller capable of up to 30A
  • Grin Cycle Analyst V3 display.  The standard for e-bike displays, allows custom tuning and customization for advanced users. 
  • Optional mountain bike style low rise handlebar and stem for a more aggressive riding stance.
  • Headlight changed out for the SPL-01 20 watt shaped beam LED light.  Has super bright 1900 lumen high beam. 600 lumen low beam and daytime running light.  Handlebar button to turn on and select high or low beam.


What makes this bike using a Grin Technologies drive train so great?   It's Cutting edge, Canadian designed, open source, and upgradeable! 

Say next year a great new torque sensor comes out with much better response? Chances are it can be installed on this bike.  Grin is also always adding new and better software for the Cycle Analyst and Phaserunner that can be installed with a USB to serial cable and PC. Recently they added a GPS data logger that can be added to the Galiano Phaserunner SE.

This bike will accommodate batteries from 36 to 52V. With the PhaseRunner controller it can handle up to 72V!

We now have a rep in the Lower Mainland.  JT has a 52V Galiano Phaserunner SE available for demos.  Contact him directly at 604-603-4206 or to set up a viewing. 


Available in blue, dark metallic green and red.  

More details to follow, please stay tuned.


Basic Details:

Frame size 19"

Suggested rider height 5'5" to 6'

Step over 29"

Overall length 73 5/8"

Wheelbase 44 1/2"

Weight 63 lb, 50 lb with battery removed.

Seat height  34 5/8"-42 1/2"

Wheel size 27.5" (650B)

Tires Schwalbe Super Moto X 2.4" X 27.5"

Cranks 170mm

Derailleur Shimano Alivio 9 speed

Brakes Magura MT4N-e hydraulic with motor cutoff switch, 180mm rotors front & 160mm rear. Some bikes now come with Tektro E350 due to parts shortages



It all starts with the battery:



We use the popular Reention removable downtube battery system, then we add premium Samsung 21700 40T battery cells. With 4 in parallel the cells are capable of delivering 140 amps, while we only draw 30 amps maximum, ensuring that the cells will stay cool, deliver great power with minimal voltage sag, and have a long life.  The battery now features a high current 3 pin charge port with gold plated connectors, capable of 6 amps charge current.


The supplied charger is a quality ETL approved 2 amp XVE brand, and is fully automatic, giving a full charge in about 3-6 hours, depending on the depth of discharge.


The optional Grin Satiator charger is programmed for an 85 or 100% charge, and the option of charging at 6 amps if you are in a hurry.  The 85% charge profile will extend the life of the battery significantly if you do not need the full capacity day to day.

The Pedal Assist System

We use a quality bottom bracket torque sensor. It measures spindle bend from the force on the cranks and also reads the pedaling cadence at 24 pulses per revolution, twice that of most BB torque sensors. The resulting signal is combined in the operating system, and your pedal effort is amplified in the motor.

We also provide a thumb throttle for those times when you need a little extra boost to get moving from a standstill. The throttle also controls the amount of regen braking, and while this may seem counter intuitive, it practice it works well. 


The Galiano PhaserRunner SE comes ready to ride, just rotate and tighten the handlebar, attach the pedals, and install the battery. 

We use name brand accessories like:

  • PC Plastics fenders
  • Super bright SPL-01 shaped beam LED headlight runs off main battery pack. Has high and low beam, and daytime running light
  • Spanninga LED rear light runs off main battery pack.
  • New! 2.4" Schwalbe Super Moto X puncture resistant tires.
  • KMC rust resistant chain
  • Suntour XCM front suspension fork
  • Large heavy duty rear rack with complementary bungies






Hilleater bikes carry a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers parts only, and does not include wear parts such as tires, brake pads, chain etc, except where they fail due to a defect, not as a result of wear. The battery is guaranteed to have a minimum of 70% of original capacity after two years.

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  • 5
    Exciting and smooth

    Posted by Jacques Bédard on 2021 Nov 9th

    I have been riding my new Phaserunner for a while now and I must admit it is truly an exciting bicycle. I live in Quebec City in the St-Lawrence River valley area. Frequently when I go for a ride, I end up going uphill for 30 minutes on my way back home. At first, you convince yourself that it is good for your health until the time when you decide that it is not that much fun. This is the reason why I decided to purchase my first electric bicycle. I owned three different ebikes, all of them purchased in the Vancouver area. Funny enough, I used to live in Victoria from 1983 through 1988. My first ebike was from a company called Surface604. The bike only had a 500 Wh battery which limited my range to approximately 45 km, with my mind constantly focusing on reducing my speed. That was the only way to go back home with the available Watt-hours. Note that 45 km is actually 22.5 km away and back. It is not that much considering that you have assistance. The controller was designed such that each level of assistance had a maximum speed limit. When you needed more speed, you would have to change the assistance level. It would be awkward at times, especially when you had to cross an intersection quickly. I changed the bike because I wanted more range. I did not care that much about the other aspects of the ride. I didn't know better. My second bike was the Juiced Bike. It had a large 1000 Wh battery and a nice riding. Unfortunately, the motor was making quite a bit of noise below 30 km/h. One other thing I did not like about the bike was the fact that it had a power limit for each level of assistance. If you wanted more power quickly, you would have to use the throttle which added more power. It turned out, I was using the throttle quite a bit. That basically turned the bike into a manual assistance bike. The Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner is my third bike. It has a battery of 780 Wh but it provides the same range as the 1000 Wh Juiced Bike. My friend has a Juiced Bike and I have a Phaserunner. We did a number of 50 km rides together, one behind the other. So I know it for a fact. Apparently, the Phaserunner motor and controller are more efficient. Also, the Phaserunner has regenerative braking which in town has given me 5% extra energy on average, sometimes up to 10%. One of the things I really like about the Phaserunner is the fact that it provides full power at each level of assistance. It just makes you work more for it at low levels. This makes you feel like you have superpower somehow. It is very very nice. Oh I forgot to mention, the bike is completely quiet, responsive yet surprisingly smooth. I just adore my Phaserunner.

  • 5
    Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE

    Posted by Cliff L Ainsworth on 2021 Aug 22nd

    Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE Purchased date: July 27, 2021 Review date: August 19, 2021 Km: 1,005 First (1,000km) Impressions: I am very fortunate to be located Victoria, BC and was able to take a ferry to neighboring Salt Spring Island for a test ride of the Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE. I had few concerns as I have dealt with David over the past several years and his vision for a ‘great bike’ comes from years of biking experience and his close relationship with Grin Technologies ( in Vancouver, a company dedicated to the ‘best’ in ebike technology and ebike kits. A quick ride confirmed what I was hoping: outstanding performance, outstanding components, and confirmation that this bike would suit my shorter frame of 5’ 5”. The biggest ‘stand out’ of the test ride was not just the phenomenal power and the smooth-quiet acceleration but it’s stopping ability. At first, I thought it was just the ‘great brakes’ (which they are), only to learn that I was experiencing ‘regenerative’ braking- just lightly pull the brake lever to experience this… and then there is even more ‘regenerative’ brake power if you operate the throttle while braking. This Special Edition (SE) has all the best ‘Grin’ products, the Cycle Analyst 3.14 (CA), the Phaserunner L10 (V3) controller, and the Grin upgraded MAC motor, the GMAC hub motor. I had read most of the documents on the Grin website and viewed most of their videos, so I was convinced about the technology before I even rode the bike. The bikes power can be ‘dialed’ up from the auxiliary handlebar potentiometer, (100-1,500 watts), the bottom bracket torque sensor is responsive and can be ‘multiplied’ (0-6x) from the handlebar rocker switch. David configured the performance of the bike so you can select either a ‘Power’ or a ‘Legal’ profile from the CA display. I have since learned how to update the CA’s program from my laptop (or from the display) and I added a 3rd profile (Economy) that dials back the power to conserve battery and range when needed. With just over 1,000 kms logged in 28 days since I purchased the SE, I have learned how to use the many display screens to maximize my riding and range experience. My longest ride of 75 km had 30% spare battery (47.0 v) with my estimated total range of just over 90 km (leaving 15%, 44.5 v) This range could have been even more if I was not as heavy on the throttle during these initial rides. I try to work a little harder on daily rides (Level 2, max power dialed to 750 W & minimal thumb throttle), I average 6.5 km/Wh even after conquering the hills of Royal Roads University to get onto the galloping Goose Trail. The range for this 780 Wh battery (down to 15% capacity) would be 102 km [(780Wh/6.5km/Wh) x 85%)]. The SE’s specification and list of components is first rate. The Schwalbe 27.5” x 2.4” wide tires perform well on payment and gravel trails. Watch some of the Grin videos of their products. The only item that could be improved is the kickstand; David has some limitations as to what will fit the bike. I will continue to look for an updated product. Cliff Ainsworth, Victoria, BC

  • 5

    Posted by Tony on 2021 Aug 15th

    I now have over 1100kms on my hilleater se and love it. Fast, comfortable and absolutely a blast to ride. Highly recommend this bike

  • 5
    Great bike

    Posted by Tony on 2021 Mar 21st

    I bought the 52SE version in Jan 2021. Have approx 100km on it. Wpg streets still full of gravel. This bike flies is fast. The regen braking works very well. Very well made and quiet to ride. Easy to pedal without any assist. David quickly responses to any questions. Glad I ordered early

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