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About us

Welcome e-bike fans!


Coming to you from beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada...

I know it's hard to believe, but the picture below was taken in early December, here on SSI.



I have been an e-bike builder and rider for 17 years, and after moving to hilly Salt Spring ten years ago, I opened a small shop on our property doing conversions (Hilleater E-Bikes Ltd is a home based business, that's why our address is not listed on-line)


I came across Juiced Riders while surfing online, and was interested enough by the huge battery capacity of the U500 to inquire about becoming a dealer.  I brought in some bikes, and they are impressive:  These are really well made bikes!  Juiced Riders has been too busy building and selling bikes in the USA to develop the Canadian market, which is where I came in.  Hill Eater was the exclusive Canadian distributor for Juiced Bikes from 2016 to 2019.  In 2019 we started developing our own line of Hilleater bikes, and parted ways with Juiced at the end of the year


custom e-bike trailer

 Around here we do as much as we can without the use of a car, so local deliveries are made by bike when possible.  The trip to Victoria includes a ferry trip, which is expensive by car but cheap by e-bike, even when the bike is 16 feet long!

In case you hadn't noticed this custom made trailer by Hill Eater is powered by two direct drive hub motors and its own battery.  The towing bike must have a throttle and e-brake connection to the trailer but it does not have to be an e-bike.  The trailer pushes the bike, and also has regenerative braking.


At Hill Eater we are e-bike believers!  We live with them every day, and we know how they can change your life for the better.  We know how important your bike is to you, and we make every effort to get you on the road affordably, and keep you going if you need help or advice.


We sell on-line direct to customers giving you the best value for your money. To facilitate test rides we have Hilleater Ambassadors who can show you their bike and talk about their experience with Hilleater. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please call David Elderton at 250-538-0911




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