SPL-01 Super bright 20 Watt LED headlight with hi/low/DRL

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  • Daytime running  LEDs
  • Blue High beam indicator
  • Mounts to the handlebar clamp
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  • On/off/hi/lo button
  • SPL-01 now comes standard on the Hilleater Galiano Phaserunner SE
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  • Mounting accessories

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  1. SPL-01 Super bright 20 Watt LED headlight

    Posted by Ray on 2022 Mar 3rd

    Excellent, quality replacement for stock headlamp on my Juiced RipCurrent S.

  2. bright

    Posted by mike chia on 2021 Aug 22nd

    one of the brightest light i have seen on our bc roads . high beam is too bright for on coming traffic


Product Description

Finally a great e-bike light that doesn't totally break the bank!  Super bright, up to 1900 lumens, while not blinding oncoming traffic.

  • 40 LED Daytime running light makes you more visible during the day, and consumes just 3.5 Watts
  • 600 lumen 110 Lux Headlight uses a reflector to produce a shaped beam that cuts off at the top, so that it doesn't blind oncoming traffic. Consumes 10 Watts
  • High beam is super bright with Cree LED, 1900 lumens, 385 Lux and consumes about 20 watts.
  • Indicator LED on the rear of the housing turns from green to blue on high beam
  • Has separate pushbutton switch for on/off/low/high/daylight.  Long press for off.
  • Compatible with 12-60 Volts
  • Dimensions about 88mm W 58mm H 80mm D including mounting stub
  • Weight 230 grams
  • IPX-6 waterproof
  • Comes with 1110 mm power cord with 2 pin Higo male connector.  With male connector facing you, and the internal tab facing up, the right pin is positive.  So on your bike with the female connector facing you and the internal slot facing up, the left socket is positive. Test this before you plug in the light. We use a couple of strands of wire to plug into the socket and measure with a multimeter. If your bike has reversed polarity, remove the short extension wire on the end of the power wire, and the polarity requirement will now be reversed.
  • The switch is on a 260 mm wire with a velcro strap to secure it to your handlebar.
  • Works with Hilleater, and Juiced bikes.  May not work with some Rad bikes because it draws too much power for the lighting circuit in the controller to handle. Apparently the stock Rad controller is limited to 12 Watts.  If the low beam and DRL work, but the High beam blinks on, then shouts off, it is because the light is drawing more power than the controller can handle, and it is going into protection mode. If you are handy with electronics, you could use a solid state relay to get around this problem.
  • Please check with your bike vendor, the light draws a little less than 1/2 Amp at 48V, and just over 1/2 amp at 36V on high beam.
  • Comes OEM style with no retail packaging to save you money.  100% brand new.