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Reention bike side battery power input connector Heavy duty version

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Bike side power connector for Reention dorado battery system as used on Hilleater, Juiced and many other bikes.  PLA0049 to XT60 female with 135mm 12ga wires. This heavy duty version improves on the stock item with thicker wire, larger contacts with gold plating, and a course threaded nut on the back which is less likely to strip out. Mates well with the stock connectors, no need to change both sides if the other side is in good condition.

If one side of the connection is showing signs of trouble like discoloration or signs of sparking, you are best off replacing both sides of the connection. It's a better deal to get this package of both:

The other use for this pigtail is to access the power stored in your ebike battery for other uses. Use a digital adjustable DC-DC converter to step down the voltage for use with 12V accessories, or 19V for your laptop etc.  Great for power outages, or camping.


Here is a blog post on replacing the connectors


Reention connector is part # PLA0049



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