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High power 72V 48ah battery, fits Cirkit bikes

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High power 72V 48ah battery for Cirkit bikes and other high power applications.


  • Made with Samsung 21700-40T 35A high drain cells
  • Weight 40lb, 18.25 kg
  • dimensions 445mm X 148mm X 153mm (470mm long allowing for leads)
  • Capacity approximately 3.15 kw/h @ 1C
  • Max continuous discharge current 120A
  • 20S12P configuration
  • 120A single port BMS with balance function and temperature sensing
  • Remote turn on wire
  • Made with double layers of thick nickel strip
  • Output on two sets of 10ga wire with XT90 connectors. 
  • Extra care taken in construction to ensure good power delivery, and a balanced load to all cells.
  • Charging cord has 45A Anderson connectors and built in fuse
  • Extra set of balance leads outside wrap for checking the balance of the cells.


Recommended for ebikes up to 7500 watts

Marine applications up to 5000 watts


Shipping from stock to Canada only. Can ship from the factory in China to the USA and Australia, allow time for building. Contact us for a shipping quote.