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Grin Tech GMAC upgrade kit for the Juiced Crosscurrent, S, X

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  • Image 1
  • GMAC motor with torque arm
  • Quality rim
  • Sapim spokes
  • Baserunner controller
  • CA3 aux pot al
  • CA3 bracket
  • MF switch
  • Cycleanalyst V3-WP
  • Torque sensor cable
  • throttle cable
  • brake cable
  • light cable
  • battery cable
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Regen Braking and Electric Bicycles, Justin's Presentation from 2022 BC Bike Show 46:52

On March 5th 2022 Justin gave a talk at the BC bike show about regenerative braking as it pertains to the world of electric bicycles. Regen is an important topic that's been largely misrepresented by the ebike industry due to the focus on mid-drive and freewheeling hub motors, so we wanted to set the record straight on many areas. This follows some of our original research on regen which we posted on this Endless-Sphere thread many years ago: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7891 0:00- Intro 0:33 - What is Regen? 1:53 - Electrical Principles 4:40 - Problem with Freewheels 7:15 - Negative Marketing 8:11 - Is it Worth It? 10:04 - Motor Drag 12:27 - % Recaptured 16:10 - Saved Brake Wear 17:45 - Cost Savings 20:04 - Regen Motors 23:00 - Activating Regen 26:00 - Variable Regen Brakes 27:40 - Alternative Regen Controls 30:29 - Backpedal Regen 35:22 - Speed limit regen 37:45 - Regen Efficiency 38:20 - Comparison with Mid-Drive 40:18 - Motor Heating 40:45 - Axle Wiggle 42:05 - The Future 42:45 - Q&A

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    On March 5th 2022 Justin gave a talk at the BC bike show about...
Grin Tech

Product Description

Purchase now for delivery in March.  UPDATE! The first batch of kits has shipped.  There are a limited number of Baserunner controllers available at this time.

Do you own a Juiced CrossCurrent, S, or X? 


Note that if you own a CCX, there are two issues that we have run into.  There is not enough clearance between the seat tube and the tire to mount the controller as we have on the CCS. It may have to be mounted facing sideways on the seat tube.  Also, the kickstand mount could be too far away for the torque arm to attach properly, so a steel extender will have to be fabricated.  We are working on making a simple adapter for the CCX.


This plug and play kit that will make the CC/CCS/CCX a much more powerful and capable bike. It will be smother with less noise from the motor as well. It starts with the Grin GMAC geared clutchless motor, and adds the Grin CycleAnalyst V3 display, and Baserunner controller.  All the necessary wiring and programming is included, just bolt it on and go.  


Information on the GMAC motor:  https://ebikes.ca/product-info/grin-kits/gmac.html


  • Peak power is increased from 750W to 1500W.
  • Peak torque is increased from about 50 to about 90nm.
  • You gain variable regen braking, saving brake pads and energy.
  • The system is highly tunable, and gives you loads of info to geek out on.
  • For advanced users you have the ability to tune the torque sensing for sensitivity, gain, timing.
  • Motor temperature feedback means you can't overheat the motor.
  • Easily dial in an overall power limit to extend your range.
  • Legal and off road modes can be switched with two key strokes.
  • Our custom torque arm bolts to the kickstand mount, giving you a clean install.
  • You get the second-to-none Grin Tech quality and warranty.
  • This kit requires a minimum 12.8 battery, best to have the 19.2 or 21ah 48 or 52V.
  • Predicted speed capability is 43 kph on 48V and 45 kph on 52V.  Climbing a 10% grade predicted speed is 32-35 kph.
  • We will be offering a new 48V 16ah high current 21700 battery sometime in 2022.

Parts included in this kit:

  • GRIN 10T GMAC clutchless geared motor
  • Weinmann ZAC19 eyeleted 700C rim
  • Sapim 13-14 ga butted spokes black
  • Custom GRIN torque arm to fit Juiced CrossCurrent/S/X
  • GRIN Torque plate
  • GRIN Wheel building labour (The motor comes hand assembled into a quality rim)
  • GRIN Baserunner L10 controller
  • GRIN Baserunner Tube mount
  • GRIN CycleAnalyst V3 CA3-WP with MF switch
  • GRIN CA bracket
  • GRIN CA3 AUX AL adjustment dial
  • Custom cable set for brakes, throttle, torque sensor, 12ga battery to controller wire, new 12ga battery connector, Y cord to power up front light with tap for optional rear light. (note that you will no longer have a switch for the light on the display. We are working on a plug and play handlebar switch solution, or you could upgrade to the SPL-01 light that comes with a switch.)
  • Black cable ties.

Tools that you will need to install this kit:

  • Metric socket set
  • Metric wrench set
  • Metric Allen wrench set including a 1.5mm to remove the Juiced display
  • Torx key set
  • Philips #1 shorty screwdriver
  • Side cutters
  • Chain whip such as the park tool SR-12.2
  • Cassette removal tool with a hollow middle such as the Park Tool FR-5.2
  • Heat gun or lighter for shrink tubing
  • Tube of dielectric grease (available at your local auto parts store)

 Detailed installation instructions are here: https://hilleater.ca/blog/installing-the-hilleatergrin-tech-gmac-upgrade-kit-on-the-juiced-crosscurrent-series-bikes/