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Vancouver Bike Show 2017


On the weekend of March 4-5 we displayed Juiced Bikes at the annual show at the Vancouver Convention Center.

There were TONS of electric bikes there, almost certainly outnumbering the regular bikes.  Thinking about this, is it because there are lots of new players in the e-bike category?  I think so, because we didn't see too many of the established brands there, although there were certainly some.  Grin Tech was there as well with a very interesting and informative booth.  Thanks once again to the guys at Grin for supplying logistical support.  Thanks also to my friend and marketing guy Doug.

We met many folks who came to the show specifically to see e-bikes and to ride them on the outdoor test track. The weather was good for this on Saturday, not so much on Sunday as we had more snow to add to the record for winter 2017!

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