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Test and details on the new Juiced Super Extended and Hyper Extended range battery packs.


The new 17.4 and 21 ah batteries for the Cross series bikes have arrived! I pulled a 21 ah out for a capacity test. And at 7 amps continuous it gave... 21.07 ah This is a good result, and could very well improve over the next few cycles as the battery breaks in.


The Specs:

New hyper extended range (HXR) 21 Ah battery pack. Integrated into the downtube. 48-Volt design with custom BMS.

  • 48V Hyper Extended Range 21 Ah Battery Pack for OceanCurrent, CrossCurrent, AIR and HyperFat

  • Fits CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent AIR sizes M / L / XL (not compatible with size M-ST)

  • Fits all OceanCurrent and OceanCurrent StepThru models

  • Range from 80-160 km
  • Features 78 Panasonic 18650GA 10 amp cells, 40 amp BMS, dual fuses, waterproof illuminated switch, 4 pin XLR charge port
  • Compatible with Cycle Satiator Universal Programmable Battery Charger (Grin Technologies) for up to 8A fast-charge

  • In-house design, Not Compatible with other e-bike brands

  • Yes, these are the same packs used on the HyperFat (Available 2018)

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Amber putting her new CrossCurrent with 17.4 ah battery to good use!

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