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Suspension forks with 15X110 boost through axle with 1 1/8 straight steerers.

2024 Feb 3rd

Want to add hill climbing power and double the torque on your existing ebike? Adding a front motor can be a great way to do it.  But if you have a suspension fork, adding a front motor can be risky.  The aluminum quick release dropouts look beefy, but they are prone to snapping off with the torque of a hub motor. 

A motor with regen is a great addition, especially if you are carrying heavy loads, as it provides a nice smooth braking force without wearing brake pads, all while adding power back into your battery.  But regen hubs are notoriously hard on dropouts, and putting one on aluminum front forks can be a recipe for disaster.

The solution to all of this comes from Grin Technologies with the All Axle hub motor.  This motor was designed from the ground up to be a front regen capable hub that does not rely on the dropouts to contain the torque of the motor.

Putting this motor on through axle suspension forks is a robust solution to the failing dropout problem.  Unlike most hub motors, its also super easy to remove the wheel to fix a flat.  The problem is, there are no through axle forks that fit the 1 1/8 straight steer tube that most hub motor ebikes use.  We have found a solution to this from a small manufacturer called ND Tuned.  They make replacement steer tubes that can be pressed into many suspension forks.

Here is an example where we replaced the basic Suntour spring loaded fork on a Magnum ebike.  It got a customized Manitou Machete air fork with 15mm boost through axle.  The Manitou's tapered steerer was replaced with a 1 1/8 straight steerer.  The Grin all axle motor is a perfect fit with the correct Grin axle adapters.  So now this bike has:

1. A smoother ride with better control up front.

2. Twice the torque and higher top speed.

3. Regen braking

4. easier wheel installation and removal

The ride with these forks is a real upgrade from the stock forks found on most ebikes.  If you have found that your hands and wrists are suffering after a long fast ride, air forks like these, (or the Rockshox Judy gold if you are not adding a motor) really help. 

Here is a link to the custom fork in our webstore.