Replacement battery packs for Juiced U500


The original Juiced Bike!  Back when they were called Juiced Riders, this was their first e-bike, and it remains popular today with a dedicated bunch of owners who appreciate the bikes rugged reliability and great utility.  

The later models came with three battery capacities, 15, 23 and 32 ah.  The battery is no longer being made, and old stock has run out.  

To keep U500s on the road, we are offering a replacement battery pack that will slide into the original case.  It has all of the correct connectors, so replacement is plug and play. As always with large lithium batteries, extreme care must be taken in ensuring that the battery is installed correctly, if in doubt, contact your local e-bike shop for installation.  

The battery cells are the Panasonic 18650PF, these are 10A rated in a 13S8P configuration, so they will have an easy life in this bike. We even include a new USB board to keep the USB charging functionality.

For Canadian customers we have 23ah packs ready to ship at CAD$1199.00 plus DG shipping at about 80.00.

For USA customers this translates to about US$900.00.  If you are in the USA  or Autrailia we will be dropshipping the pack directly from the manufacturer in China.  Please email us with your address info for a shipping quote and availability.

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