Replacement battery packs for Juiced U500


The original Juiced Bike!  Back when they were called Juiced Riders, this was their first e-bike, and it remains popular today with a dedicated bunch of owners who appreciate the bikes rugged reliability and great utility.  

The later models came with three battery capacities, 15, 23 and 32 ah.  The battery is no longer being made, and old stock has run out.  

To keep U500s on the road, we are offering a replacement battery pack that will slide into the original case.  It has all of the correct connectors, so replacement is plug and play. As always with large lithium batteries, extreme care must be taken in ensuring that the battery is installed correctly, if in doubt, contact your local e-bike shop for installation.  

The battery cells are the Panasonic 18650PF, these are 10A rated in a 13S8P configuration, so they will have an easy life in this bike. We even include a new USB board to keep the USB charging functionality.

We have 23ah packs ready to ship at CAD$999.00 plus DG shipping to Canada at 85.00.

For USA customers this translates to about US$855.00 including shipping.  If you are in the USA  or Australia we will be drop shipping the pack directly from the manufacturer in China.  

By Popular demand we have 32ah packs coming at CAD$1499.00, please check the battery listings here if you are interested.

Installation instructions:  If you are unsure of any part of this procedure contact us, or visit your local e-bike shop for help.  Lithium batteries can be extremely dangerous if not handled, connected and installed properly.

  1. Turn the battery off, then unscrew the metal ring on the power connector, and pull it off of the battery.
  2. Unbolt the battery from the bike. There are 4 Allen head screws, you will need a metric Allen wrench set. The bracket holding the tail light will come off as well. Slide the battery out the back of the bike.
  3. Remove the four Allen screws holding the connection panel on.
  4. Remove the Philips screws on the bottom of the case near the connection panel that hold the aluminum bars on the inside of the case. Remove the bars and grommets from the case.
  5. Now you will be able to slide the pack out of the case.
  6. Place the old pack and new pack together side by side, and examine the connections, you should be able to simply unplug the connections to the old pack and move them over to the new pack
  7. There is a small circuit board included with your new pack, it replaces the USB board attached to the back of the connection panel. Two small Philips screws hold it on. Remove the original and replace it with the new one.
  8. Once all wires are connected, test that the power switch activates the battery. The green LED should illuminate around the switch.
  9. Slip the new pack into the case, and use any foam padding that was stuck to the old pack to secure the new one from sliding around in the case.
  10. Replace the aluminum bars and grommets. and screw them into the case from the bottom.
  11. Replace the connector panel, making sure that the grommet is properly in place to seal against water ingress. Do not over tighten the 4 screws holding the cover, as it will pinch the grommet and squeeze it out. They should be firmly and evenly tightened, just watch the grommet.
  12. Replace the battery and tail light, and don't forget to re attach the power cable to the battery.

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