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Passenger kit for U500


I have been testing the new passenger kit for the ODK U500 from Juiced.  It is available in the store here

 It consists of three parts, a seat cushion, foot rests, and a handlebar with mounting bracket. 

 It is remarkably easy to carry a full sized passenger on the U500 with this kit, mostly I think, because the passenger sits much lower than the driver, so the passengers weight has less effect on the drivers balance. 

 The kit is relatively easy to install, but it is not something that you would take off and put on depending on the trip. 

The kit is made of steel, so its strong, if heavy, and the seat cushion looks well tailored.

Short You tube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-fXfJrF1IE

 I found the best way to attach the seat cushion was to remove the battery first, it's not difficult, it comes off with four Allen head screws.  To install the foot rest,it is best to find a soft surface to turn the bike over on, and work on the bike while it is upside down. The foot rest just squeaks through between the chain and the frame.  

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