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Mid July Juiced Bikes update

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With summer in full swing across Canada, here is an update on Juiced Bikes.  Inventory of bikes as of july 13th is low, with just two U500, in 23 and 32 AH, flat black, and gloss red.  For the CrossCurrent there are two gloss red XL 7.8ah remaining. 

A new shipment of 30 U500, and 14 CrossCurrent should be leaving soon from China. ETA mid August.

The CrossCurrent 7.8ah coming are as follows:

4 medium red

5 medium black

2 large red

3 X large black

****UPDATE**** we have 10.4 amp hour upgrade batteries coming for the CrossCurrent in this shipment!  These are highly recommended for the peace of mind that the extra range potential brings, as well as a longer useful life span, and a bit more power and speed from the bike.

These will be the last bikes coming this year.  2 of the medium frame CC have been spoken for already.  Please contact us to guarantee delivery of your bike.

Next year we hope to have a full selection of bikes (and another new model!) available from early spring.

With this shipment will come a good selection of spare parts, and a more reasonably priced front basket.

We are even getting some insulated pizza boxes for the ODK U500.

That's all for now, there are lots of exciting developments in the works, so check back often. 

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