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Mid December update


As Christmas closes in here at Hill Eater, we are busy planning for the spring.  It has been unusually cold here on Salt Spring Island (and a little snowy), a welcome break from the non stop rain of October and November!

New bikes have been ordered for April delivery:  lots of U500CrossCurrent, and CrossCurrent ST (step through), in addition to a small number of the new CrossCurrent AIR and OceanCurrent.

The new OceanCurrent

For 2017, we have made the decision to offer the CrossCurrent series bikes with the 10.4 Ah extended range battery as standard, and we will be offering the 17.4 and 21 Ah batteries as upgrade options.  Pricing for the CrossCurrent with 10.4 battery will be comparable to a similarly equipped 2016 CC.  We will release a new price list closer to the delivery date, as there is a lot of action with exchange rates these days.

ODK U500 V3 frame

Website update:

We have added much more extensive product information in the U500 and CrossCurrent description pages.  We have also added some of the more popular spare parts in the JR Parts section.

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