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March Update EV Show & CCS Shipment


Exciting news for all of the customers who have pre-ordered CrossCurrent S, the container of bikes and parts has been loaded, and is on it's way to us!  ETA in Vancouver is the second week of April.  Most likely we will be shipping the week of the 23rd.

Loading bikes

We also managed to score a large order of spare parts, including a set of CrossCurrent S controllers, displays, and wiring that will enable owners of 2016-2017 CrossCurrent to upgrade to the CrossCurrent S spec,  

We even have CCS fenders and racks so you can totally update your CC.  Note that you will need to have one of the larger capacity batteries to take advantage of the extra power from the new controller. 12.8, 17.4 and 21 ah batteries are all OK with the higher discharge rate.

Spare and upgrade parts!

We have a sample of the new RipCurrent S fat bike coming with this shipment!  Here is a review by Court Rye of Electric Bike Review

If you would like to try out this bike it will be available, along with the CrossCurrent S and the OceanCurrent at the RevolutionSS Expo event, June 22-24 on Salt Spring Island.

The weekend event is at the Farmers Institute on Salt Spring Island, and is Family Friendly. Our sub-theme is “Good Ideas for the Planet” and we have lots of them. There will be educational sessions throughout the weekend facilitated by the SSI Community Energy Group (CEG). We will have a wide variety of the latest electric cars, electric bikes, electric motorcycles and electric tools on site and to test drive. Yes, it will be a very electric theme. 

Featured will be a 1912 Detroit Electric car travelling to SSI on the Friday afternoon ferry. It still runs !!! Also, some very innovative vehicles entering the market including a three wheeled Veemo®.

Need more ? Also attending are BC Hydro, BC Ferries, InDro Industrial Drones, a display on how to extract emergency power from an EV, a diverse selection of existing cars that have been converted to electric, a model of the new Salt Spring Water treatment plant, anaerobic digestion and Saturday evening entertainment. More being added every day.

Our opening Friday evening “Innovators” seminar will feature Kent Rathwell. From Saskatchewan. Kent is the creator of a chain of EV chargers that creates the longest EV accessible highway in the world - across Canada and is an ECO-entrepreneur. He just opened up a solar powered car share. 

Joining him will John Stonier from Vancouver - sustainable economy entrepreneur - Inventor of the Veemo® and developer of the world’s first pedal-electric velomobile sharing service.

Also, Julian Sale from Sidney - owner and operator of the only 100% EV dealership in Canada. He handles all brands of cars and handles many accessories including EV chargers.

The kids will be interested in all of the above, but also attending will be Sun Winds Solar Toys and perhaps a remote control car race. Details will be updated on the web site - so check back for updates.

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