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Juiced Interbike new model announcements, and bigger batteries!


New Juiced models have been announced, some coming as early as spring 2017!

The CrossCurrent ST will be the first new model available, and will have the same spec as the CrossCurrent.  The OceanCurrent will be even less expensive than the CrossCurrent, with mechanical disc brakes. The CC AIR is basically a lower spec CrossCurrent with sophisticated cadence sensing pedal assist, rigid front fork and mechanical disc brakes.

New batteries have also been announced for the CrossSeries bikes:

A 78 cell, 17.4 ah and 21 ah (!!!) battery will be added to the already available base 39 cell, 7.8 ah, and upgrade 52 cell 10.4 ah batteries.  

Price and availability details to be announced.  Some details may still be changed.

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