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Introducing the Juiced HyperFat


New from Juiced! Please email us at david@hilleater.ca if you are interested in purchasing one.  Canadian pricing and availability TBA

Check out the the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSeJmatyBXc

More details here.

The Backstory

We watched the rise of the electric fat-tire e-bike and wondered what's the big deal?

After riding one, our suspicion was confirmed. Lots of fun initially with the big tires, but soon after it became very disappointing with the slow, underpowered motors and tiny battery packs.

If we wanted to make a Fat e-bike, it will need to have proper performance, proper range and an affordable price. To pull it off, we needed to rip up the rule book.

Introducing the HyperFat E-Bike
This is the highest performance Fat-Tire production e-bike available.

Dive deeper and learn about all the technology used to make the HyperFat e-bike platform a reality.

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