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February Update. RipCurrent S


For those wondering about the RipCurrent S, here are some new details!

We will likely be getting a shipment of RCS spring 2019, unless we can get at least 60 $20.00 pre-pre-orders.   This is necessary because of the large minimum order, and the long lead time on these bikes. 

The RCS is using a new extrusion made by Juiced for the down tube, and will only come with the larger 78 cell packs.

Here are some pictures from the factory...

The RipCurrent S frames use our specially engineered Downtube Platform 2. We now make every part ourselves. Bigger, Stronger, and more beautiful. This is now the industry's easiest e-bike to service. More details later. 

Fresh new graphics. Modern and minimal.

The 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes are seriously impressive. More details later. 

Every RipCurrent S comes standard with a high quality rack and fenders. 

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