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Brake pads and CrossCurrent parts


Tora is hard at work putting together a detailed parts list for the CrossCurrent, similar to what is already available for the U500.  Our goal is to have the best parts service of any e-bike.

For the HD-E710 brakes on all but the most recent U500 please use the Tektro OEM pads available here.

The CrossCurrent uses the the Tektro HD-E715 brake and all the U500 Utility e-bikes use this system moving forward.  To know which model of Tektro Dorado hydraulic brakes your bike has, look on the underside of the brake handle for the model number.

This is the most common brake pad size on the market. Additionally you can use the SwissStop disc 15 pad which last about 5x longer than the standard brake pad.


This type of brake pad is so common and can be found by most any bicycle parts distribution company like J&B, Hawley, QBP.


Additionally we are these days working as fast as possible to provide 100% of the parts for the CC with good availability, high rez images and fast shipping with the goal to have the best parts service of any e-bike. 

All compatible pads with the Tektro HD-E715


  • Disc 15


  • Deore BR-M575
  • Deore BR-M525
  • Deore BR-M515
  • Deore BR-T615
  • LX BR-T675
  • BR-M505
  • BR-M495
  • BR-M486
  • BR-M485
  • BR-M475
  • BR-M465
  • BR-M447
  • BR-M446
  • BR-M445
  • BR-M416
  • BR-M415
  • BR-M395
  • BR-M375


  • Hylex
  • HY/RD
  • Spyre SLC
  • Spyre
  • Spyke
  • Dash Sport


  • Orion SL HD-M740
  • Orion HD-M730
  • Orion HD-M725
  • Gemini SL HD-M520 / M521
  • Gemini HD-M500 / M501
  • Gemini HD-M510
  • Draco2 HD-M352
  • HDC330 HD-M330
  • Auriga HD-M290 / M291
  • Auriga HD-T530
  • Auriga HD-T525
  • Auriga HD-T520
  • Auriga HD-E530
  • Auriga HD-E525
  • Auriga HD-E520
  • Auriga HD-E500
  • Aquila MD-M500
  • Aries MD-M300
  • MD-M280
  • Mira MD-C400
  • Volans HD-T710
  • Vela HD-T290
  • Dorado HD-E715


  • Disc Brake

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