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A working day at Grin Technologies.


Our first largish shipment of 20 Juiced bikes arrived the other day at the Grin Technologies facility in Vancouver.  Grin is now a Juiced Bikes dealer, and has kindly agreed to store and ship the bikes, as they have more room in their new facility.  I spent the day there sorting out bikes and parts, and prepping four U500s  for pick up. 

Grin is a busy place these days, it was super interesting to see.  In the picture above to the upper left is the production area, were controllers and CAs are being assembled.  In the center bay is the bike garage, and a quality control station, and to the upper right is the showroom.  The picture was taken from on top of the racking where bikes and parts are stored.

Here are the U500s that I prepped for a pizza delivery place in Vancouver.  They received front and rear Grin Electrolights, Ursus Jumbo dual kickstands, and rear view mirrors. What a pleasure to work in such a great facility, and everyone was super helpful and accommodating.

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