95 Watt, 33 Volt flexible lightweight solar panel with Sunpower cells

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Product Description

60 cell (30 split cells) semi flexible solar panel made from 20-22% efficient SunPower back contact monocrystalline solar cells on a TPT plastic backing.  

This panel is a good size to install on a bike trailer for solar powered off grid e-bike adventures.  The higher voltage output works well with our BOOST MPPT controller to charge 36-72 volt ebike batteries.

By my calculations a single one of these panels would provide an AVERAGE OVER THE YEAR of 300 watt hours PER DAY of power in Canada if left in the sun, and tilted towards the sun for a whole day. However I would expect that these panels would be mostly used in the summer months, which would up the power considerably.  On the other hand, if the panel is installed horizontally on top of a trailer then expect to reduce the power by about 1/4 to 1/3.  And if the trailer is moving, then it depends, is it through a forest, or open road.   300 watt hours could get you an extra 20-30 km of range, so not too bad.  I plan to experiment with these panels over the summer of 2018 and will report back...My thinking is to carry three panels, stacked on the trailer roof, and deploy the extra two panels while stationary, say at a camp spot.

Can also be used with a typical MPPT controller to charge a 12 or 24 volt system.

Uses transparent PVDF material on the surface and a high quality TPT back plate.

Resistant to Salt Corrosion and UV.

Withstands hail, storms and other harsh weather. 


Note that in the photographs the protective shipping film has not been peeled off.


  • Power Max 95 Watts
  • Open Circuit Voltage 39.6
  • Short Circuit Current 3.1 Amps
  • Maximum Power Voltage 33 Volts
  • Maximum power current 2.87 Amps
  • Maximum System Voltage 600 Volts
  • Uses MC4 waterproof connectors
  •  810mm X 659mm X 3 mm
  • 1.65 kg