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Hilleater Ambassador program for Canada

Do you love your Juiced e-bike? Would you be willing to allow potential buyers in your area to check out your ride for cash in your pocket? 

We have two levels of Juiced ambassadors:

  • Hidden ambassadors will by listed on our site by their first name only, and the city that they reside in: none of their contact details will be on-line. We will put them in touch with potential customers. Hidden ambassadors will receive $100 in compensation if a new bike is sold at regular retail price.  If the bike was purchased at a sale price, the ambassador will receive a $50.00 store credit.


  • Star ambassadors will have their name, email and/or phone number listed, so that potential customers can contact them directly for a demo. Star ambassadors will receive $200.00 if a new bike is sold at regular retail price as a result of their involvement. If the bike was purchased at a sale price, the ambassador will receive a $50.00 store credit.  (Star ambassadors signed up before September 26th 2018 receive 250.00 per bike for bikes sold at full retail price.) 


  • The ambassador takes no money from the customer, and has no obligation after the referral. They simply show the bike and if they are comfortable with the person, they send them off on a test ride. (When we let people test ride at events, we take their ID or keys as a security measure, but that's up to you. We assume no risk for damaged or stolen property, and we suggest that you bring a friend, and meet in a public place). The ambassador then emails us at info@juicedriders.ca to let us know the name of the potential customer, so that we can watch for the order, and send the ambassador their money!

Email us to join as a Juiced Ambassador.

Send David a note at info@juicedriders.ca with the following details:

  • Do you want to be a hidden ambassador or a star ambassador?
  • What city and area are you in?
  • What bike do you own, and what is the frame size?.
  • If you are signing up as a Star Ambassador what contact information should we put below your name?

Note that we reserve the right to list or un list you as a Juiced Ambassador. You can always cancel your listing as well, just let us know.