Juiced CrossCurrent S 48 Volt

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  1. I have taken flight

    Posted by HGW on 2018 May 14th

    A few minor issues out of the box: both brake rotors slightly bent and rubbing requiring some straightening; I believe the chain may be too long on this unit which causes an excess of slack and chain slap, however, I haven't dropped a chain yet. Also, the extended range battery, supposed to be a 19.2 Ah, was extremely difficult to fit on the bike. I eventually had to remove the two rubber pads inside the battery holding channel in order to accommodate it and make contact with the leads. The battery also does not make that satisfying "click" sound when installed which always sees me check and double check that it is locked into place (not a bad practice anyway). Aside from the brake rotors and battery fit, assembly was easy.
    Now the good part. This thing is absolutely amazing! You want speed? Just stick her in "S" and pedal moderately hard and you'll be at 50 km/h in no time. Easy to maintain as well. My biggest problem so far is finding a stretch of road long enough to keep up this speed for a long period of time. Seriously, before you know it, you're at the next set of lights or stop signs, so, you can appreciate how the 180 mm hydraulic discs really become important. I certainly appreciate that the large front sprocket allows you to maintain a satisfying pedaling cadence when you're in high gear even at top speeds. This is my first Ebike so I can't speak about cadence sensors but the torque sensor on the CCS creates a very organic pedal assist experience. It is exactly like riding an ordinary bike except you constantly have a strong to extremely strong wind at your back. The only caveat to this is that, occasionally when slowing down and coming to a stop, I have experienced the odd unexpected surge of power from the motor. It's not alarming or dangerous but certainly unexpected. I believe this is due to the chain being too long and causing the gear cassette to spin a bit unpredictably forward when hitting a bump. This causes the torque sensor to believe you are pedaling when in fact you're not and therefore supplies you with a small burst of power when you don't require or expect it. Not really a huge deal, just something to be aware of. I'm sure this could be remedied by taking a few links out, shortening the chain and creating more tension on the drive train thus reducing or eliminating the cassette movement.
    I have been researching Ebikes for approximately 15 years now, studying different motors, batteries, controllers, mid drives, rear hubs, etc. and finally pulled the trigger on the Cross Current S because it has come closest to the range, speed, geometry, look, price, availability, and customer approval that I have been looking for. Without reserve I can honestly say, I have zero regrets. Thanks Juiced, Hill Eater, Tora, and all those Ebike and Juiced Bike reviewers. H

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 May 14th

    I got the bike assembled easily and all online videos were really straightforward - and believe me I rarely use a screwdriver! I have to say it looked amazing. I live in a mountainous area and I have had to stop commuting last year because it simply took too long and I was exhausted when I got home after a long uphill only ride. Well ever since I received my Juiced Crosscurrent S, I have been riding for pleasure and commuting to work every day. I have a commute of 15 km to work that took me 50-55 min that now takes me 30 min and the ride home which is uphill and a lot of it on very steep grades - it now takes me only 45 min (it used to take me 1 hour and 35 min!) I feel like superman. And because the hills are quite steep on my way home I still get a massive workout peddling home. I really love this bike - it's been 2 weeks and I look forward to getting on it and don't feel so exhausted at the end of a day. The sport mode is amazing - I blast by all other cyclists on my way to and from work - not sure what they are thinking when I whizz by them but it doesn't matter - I am superman...hahah. The help I received from Dave Elderton was also amazing. He helped me every step of the way and answered all my questions promptly and in my opinion, went above and beyond. Thanks Dave, I love this bike!.

  3. Really great value but with a few caveats

    Posted by Ed Willis on 2018 Apr 25th

    I've had my Crosscurrent S for a few months now and have put well over 1000 KM on it - most of that in winter riding. Below are my observations - I'll start off with the negatives so this review, which is ultimately very positive, can finish on a positive note.

    Build/assembly quality was the main concern I'd raise - when I received my bike, it had cables routed directly over and rubbing against the chain. That would almost certainly have broken them over time had I not corrected it. Also the derailleur was badly misaligned, making certain gears in accessible. And the brakes were grabbing so the wheels wouldn't spin freely.

    On the whole, my experience with the bike was immeasurably improved once I had my bike mechanic do a tune up on it - I'd recommend this for any future owners also.

    First impressions, or the "out of box" experience, was a little disappointing because there was a fair bit of installation required - pedals, wheels, reflectors, lights, etc. Nothing unmanageable but not the quick setup I'd expected. Also I will point out that a speciality tool is needed to remove the rear wheel - maybe in other instances, people were able to get the rear wheel nut off with vice grips or wrenches, but neither I nor my bike mechanic could not. Ultimately I bought the special tool from Juiced Bikes and was able to get the nut off with that. Really I think this tool should be included with the purchase of the bike, but, failing that, I'd strongly recommend buyers add this tool to their purchase at the moment they buy the bike. That tool is included in this package:
    but I was able to get just the wrench (all the way to the left in the picture in that link) from Juiced Bikes in the US.

    Which gets me to support, which has been excellent in my experience. The people both at juicedriders.ca and juicedbikes.com have been really great to deal with in sourcing parts for this bike - even going as far as sending me stuff in advance of payment to make sure my down time was minimized. Really greatly appreciated!

    Now on the the bike itself - I just love this thing! Very, very solid feel. Tons of power - essentially I can choose each ride how hard I want to work, while leaving my commute more or less the same duration, which makes it vastly earlier to handle riding 120+ KM/week. The bike is very, very fast - I routinely get to and hold the bike at 50+ km/hour, which I'll admit takes some time to get used to. Comfort is also vastly better than on my previous bikes. I put hours and hours on this bike and still feel a bit of a thrill whenever I start a ride. I really love riding it and I suspect that vast majority of people will also.

    17ah battery is great but I will admit I'm hard pressed to make it back and forth to work on a single charge in cold weather - that's just 40Km all in, which isn't that far really. For sure battery life is reduced in cold weather - but I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada after all, where's there's no end of cold weather! As things warm up, I am starting to see my battery life climb, which is encouraging.

    All in all, I've found this bike to be almost transformative for me and my health. I would encourage anyone reading this review to strongly consider the Crosscurrent S as their next bike - just go in with your eyes open and have a long look at the bike once you get it assembled to make sure it's tuned correctly.

  4. Amazing

    Posted by Walter on 2018 Mar 11th

    received my Cross Current S just a few days ago. The ordering process was painless and all of my questions were answered promptly by Hill Eater E Bikes on Saltspring. Assembly was a breeze as the bike comes pretty much fully assembled, only had to put on the front wheel, headlight and fender. Noticed a couple of issues but nothing serious. The front brake was rubbing slightly and the head set clamps needed tightening. As the weather here in Western Quebec hasn't been cooperating I took it out for the first time today. This was my first ride on a Pedelec and I have to say that this thing is Absolutely AMAZING!!!
    Thanks Juiced and Hill Eater!

  5. what an amazing product

    Posted by Mauricio Ortiz Buitrago on 2018 Feb 12th

    Can't be happier with the product and the service form Juice Riders. The bike is amazing, the most complete set of features, very powerful, I have been using it in winter despite the cold and snow and responds like a champ. If not by the snow and ice, I would be using it more than my car. It is a pleasure to ride, no gas expenses, no traffic, fast acceleration from red lights, no insurance.....

  6. initial impressions

    Posted by Allan on 2018 Jan 14th

    I keep getting emails from the Canadian distributor inviting me to review the bike, so I guess it worked as I'm providing my initial impressions.

    In summary, I think it's a great bike and great value. I would recommend it to most people, but for some people it wouldn't be the right bike. For most though the value is so good that if you want an electric bike I think the overall package of the Crosscurrent S is very appealing.

    So if you want a quick snappy review, there it is. For those who don't mind reading a lot or want to know why I like the bike here are the (long) details.

    Background - First of all I think it's relevant to know a bit about me because I don't believe that any bike out there is suited for all people. Everyone has different needs. I have been commuting to work by bike for 6 and a half years now. Not every day, but generally commuting 15.5 to 18 km's each way to work depending upon which route I take. I am now 52 years old and lately I have been finding that if I want to make good time to and from work that I get too tired to ride 5 days a week. When weather is good I ride a Cervelo RS and I haven't been crazy about riding it in lousy weather. The Crosscurrent S was to allow me to ride more frequently and to keep my Cervelo out of the bad weather.

    I'll go through the cons first as it's a short list compared to what I like about the bike. I wouldn't really say these are cons about the bike, but more like nits that aren't perfect for me. The bike offers such great value it's hard to criticize it. But I don't like how heavy the bike is. I realize it's a commuter and being electric it's going to be heavy. I guess for me the Crosscurrent Air is better suited to what I want, but the Canadian importer was bringing in the S and once you add the torque sensor, fenders, rack, and lights to the Air you're pretty much up to the cost of the S, so I figured why not.

    The other nit is the riding position. You're sitting pretty much straight up, which I realize is normal for this type of bike. But if you're going to make a fast bike then I think the position should be more aero. I've found when I'm hitting 37 km/hr. and faster on the bike that the battery really drains fast. A more aero position would help here a lot.

    There's a lot to like about this bike. I used to have a hybrid with a Bionx system and the Crosscurrent S is so much better than the Bionx system. First of all the torque sensor make the riding experience much more like that of a regular bike, just that you have some boost. That was never the case with my Bionx bike. I also find that the geometry of this bike and having the battery inset into the downtube makes for better weight distribution and the handling difference is night and day. This bike handles so much better.

    I was without an electric bike for about 5 years and during that time I looked around at a lot of bikes. The value of this bike was amazing. It's hard to find a bike at this price point with all the features and extras it has. I also wanted a bike that could get me to and from work quickly and I'd say on the highest setting I can get to and from work pretty much just as fast as if I drove.

    I also have to give a shout out to Hill Eater bikes who are the Canadian distributor. I found the service to be excellent. I'd happily deal with them again.

    I've ridden the bike about 100 km's so far and as everyone knows it's a fast bike. Even on the lower power levels it's pretty fast. You can pretty much ride all day at 22 to 25 km/hr. on the low power settings and the battery drain is pretty low. You can also cruise to work at 35 km/hr. if you're willing to pedal hard and you're flying by other cyclists.

    I'll report back at the end of summer and I have a few thousand km's on the bike

  7. Quiet speed well balanced

    Posted by Pat on 2018 Jan 8th

    I was reluctant to buy an ebike , know I don't know why. All of the freedom of a bicycle but opportunities to travel farther, cheaper than my regular 4 cycle commute to work. I am buying a full face helmet though, after I put it in sport mode, I have to be a lot more aware of traffic who that is not used to seeing a bike travel that fast.

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Warranty Information

Comes with standard Juiced 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects on electrical and mechanical components. Lifetime warranty on the frame to the original customer.
Covers frame and components / battery/electrical. Battery is warrantied to have at least 70% of original capacity after 1 year. Tires, tubes and brake pads/rotors are excluded. In the event that there is a warranty claim and we determined that the frame, a part, or the battery is faulty or failed due to defective workmanship by us, we will fully replace such at no charge, however, replacement labor and shipping cost is not covered by this warranty. Normal wear and damage is not covered by this warranty.
Our return policy is here: https://hilleater.ca/shipping-returns/

C$2,459.00 C$1,999.00
(You save C$460.00)
Juiced Bikes

Product Description

Fully Focused, Fully Loaded: 


In the USA the CrossCurrent S will only be offered in 48V/12.8Ah Black/M and Black/L. 

Here in Canada we are offering the CrossCurrent S in red or black and in M, L and XL frame sizes.


Buy two bikes at once and receive $250.00 off!



When we set out to build the 'S' we interviewed our customers and heard you loud and clear. We set the performance targets

sky high and demanded only the highest quality components available today.

We drew from 8 years of e-bike manufacturing experience to conceive the most complete commuter e-bike possible. On top

of this, we optimized every aspect of our operation to bring this product to market at an affordable price.

CrossCurrent S, arrives fully-loaded with hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension fork, rack, fenders, 1,050 lumen front

headlight - and much more!


Check out the review at EBR with video.

 Download Advanced Display User Guide

 Frame sizing chart


  • Top Speed: Up to 32 km/h in default configuration - user upgradable to 45 km/h (Class 3) where allowed,
  • and over 50 km/h in offroad mode
  • 1,050 lumen front headlight
  • Custom designed rack and fenders
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Comfortable gel saddle
275 lbs.

  • 650 Watt Power Bafang Geared Hub Motor
  • Electronically limited to 500W to meet Canadian law. User upgradeable to 650W for off road use)
  • 48V/12 Ah battery standard.  48V/19.2 Ah Super Extended Range Battery Pack optional
  • LCD Advanced Matrix Display
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Dual Torque and Cadence Pedal Sensors
  • Standard 2 Amp charger included, Satiator charger optional

  • Powerful Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Adjustable Air Suspension Fork
  • E-bike rated Kenda Tires
  • Heavy Duty SAPIM Spokes
  • 9 Speed Shimano Cassette Drivetrain

Our bikes ship complete with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:
  • 2 Amp battery charger
  • Assembly tools
  • Pedals
  • Handle bars shipped installed on bike
  • 1 Year parts warranty.  Does not include shipping or labour.

FREE SHIPPING to most locations in Canada.


Stay in Control.

Our advanced LCD display not only shows the speed and distance, but can also show Volts, Watts,

Wh, Ah and even ECU temperature - among other unique features.

Throttle-Assist Boost (TAB)

Instantly add up to 1,000 Watts (20 Amps) of boost when pedaling and simultaneously holding

down the throttle. TAB available in any assist setting from 0 km/h up to 32 km/h.

Cruise Control

Locks in any speed below 32 km/h. Speed will be maintained without pedaling or using the throttle

until: the brake is applied, pushing any button or giving additional throttle input. Pedaling can

increase the speed, but the e-bike will return to the pre-set speed if pedaling stops.

Speed Limiter

Set the maximum speed limit of the throttle or pedal assist system

Low Voltage Limiter

Set the lowest voltage allowed by the electric drive system Used to control how deeply the battery

is allowed to discharge

Off-Road Mode

Activated by manually setting the speed limit above 32 km/h The top speed will be limited only by

the power available to the motor Use this setting on non-public roads only

Assist Level Limiter

Limit the maximum assist level which can be selected: ECO, 1, 2, 3, or SPORT


48 Volt 12.8 or 19.2 Ah Battery Pack


Way ahead of the pack.

It all starts with the new battery pack

3C Cells

The foundation for a higher level of performance is made possible by the new generation of 3C discharge cells.

Each cell is better able to deliver more power and maintain higher speeds throughout the entire discharge cycle.

More range

The base level 48V battery is upgraded to 12.8 Amp-Hours enough for around 50 miles of range. Go even farther

with our exclusive Super and Hyper extended range packs with over 100 miles per charge.

Let’s be real

Range varies with a host of different factors. Rather than report inflated figures, we have taken the time to test

and report real world range figures with extensive testing in the field.

Real world range test link



World-class pedal assist system.

Once you experience the fully proportional torque sensing pedal assist system, you can’t imagine riding

anything else. Our already world-class assist system has been refined to be more intuitive and insanely smooth.

The advanced 104 magnetic pole HD cadence sensor tracks the tiniest pedal movement for lag-free startup.

The precision strain gauge measures your force on the pedals across the entire pedal stroke, amplifying your

force on the crank.

The precision RPM sensor measures the bikes speed and provides the optimum boost level to match your intention.

If you need more boost off the line, use the thumb throttle combined with pedaling for up to 1,000 Watts of peak

power to get you up to speed quickly. A useful feature not found on mid motor e-bikes.


What is Pedal Assist? 

Pedal Assist automatically turns on the motor when you pedal. With pedal assist you do not need to use a throttle

to control the motor. 

There are two types of Pedal Assist: Cadence Sensor Type which measures IF you are pedaling and a Torque Sensor

Type which measures HOW HARD you are pedaling.

Our CrossCurrent X, CrossCurrent S, and OceanCurrent have both types sensors included with every bike.  


1. Cadence Sensors (Basic)

 The basic cadence sensor uses a magnet on the crank, it turns the motor ON when you start pedaling and turns

it OFF when you stop pedaling. It works more or less like a switch.

 You have to control the boost level and speed by adjusting the assist mode manually up and down. Most basic

e-bikes have this.

 The advantage is that it's an inexpensive way to get some sort of pedal assist onto the bike, but the disadvantage

is that the pedal assistance can feel jerky, laggy and counterintuitive. Also if you want to pedal faster than the

motor is spinning, the motor will actively work against your efforts.

2. Torque Sensors (Advanced)

The torque sensor is a totally different technology that uses a  precision strain gauge. It measures your actual

force on the pedal, sampling at 1,000 times per second over the entire pedal stroke. 

The harder you pedal, the more power it gives to the motor. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor.

It makes this adjustment in real time so it is technically amplifying your every input. It feels like you are bionic. 

Most all higher-end e-bikes use torque sensors and in some countries, cadence-only sensors are not allowed to

be sold. The disadvantage is the cost is significantly higher to implement this technology as the precision

component is relatively more expensive. 

 Will I feel the difference in the way the e-bike rides? 

 If you have a chance to ride a cadence-only e-bike and a torque-sensored setup back-to-back you will instantly

notice the difference. The torque sensor setup makes the bike feel weightless due to the amplification effect.

You also feel more in control of the bike. 

How does our dual sensor work compared to a magnetic disc sensor?




Commuter-ready right out of the box.



Fully Outfitted

No need to drive around to every bike shop or click every page on the internet. The S includes just about everything right out of the box.

Comes Equipped

Every bike comes standard with a rack, fenders, a waterproof aluminum-body LED headlight, dual water bottle cage mounts,

dual kickstand mounts and ergonomic grips.

 Choose your size

One of the most crucial decisions in buying a new bike is selecting the size that will work for you. The chart below is as easy as it gets.










Parts and Accessories

Got a new bike on the way? Below is a selection of accessories designed to keep you rolling smoothly no matter where you’re headed.


Suspension seat post      Tires and tubes     Tools     Locks     Helmets     Cargo carrying      Charging/Solar     Extra batteries