HyperFat Pre-Release infromation

The Pricing and technical infromation below is from the preliminary USA release. Canadian Pricing and specifications are not yet determined.  Please stay tuned... 


HyperFat Initial Production Update [Video]

It has been a little bit of a delay, but we finally started the initial production builds of the HyperFat 1,000 Watt Fat tire bikes. Here we do some test rides inside the factory. 

The performance of these shipping units far exceeded our targets and is likely one of the highest performance production fat-tire e-bikes available today. 

Throttle-only cruising speed is right around 30mph and with the torque-based pedal assist you can see numbers like 34-37mph. The 1,000W geared MAC motor is ridiculously smooth and responsive. 

Now all the HFs come with the air suspension forks which makes a big difference in front end stability. The ride feels much more solid and planted than the prototypes. 

We worked hard to get the LCD to display data that is actually useful to the rider.


The new 1,800 lum dual LED light lets people know you are coming in the day or night. This is the more powerful light used on a production e-bike. 

We set the bar very high for this project with an insanely tight deadline for a bike that does not really need to exist. Many new custom parts needed to be developed to achieve our goals. Special thanks to our suppliers who help make this thing a reality. We have a few little loose ends to tie up and we can then start shipping the initial batch of bikes to waiting customers. 



Challenges along the way: 

One massive challenge has been the integration of the 1000W MAC motor. For the HF project we wanted something special. 1,000W with torque sensing has not been done before in this way. We have explored all the possibilities including the BBSHD, Ultra and other bits and bobs, but they all have limitations that made it undesirable for this particular project.  

Most e-bike manufactures buy the ready-made electronics packages and install them onto frames. The package has the motor, controller, display and sometimes the battery all in one kit.


Hand-built 1000W MAC Motors 

While these OEM kits gets the bike to the market faster, the performance and cost did not meet our expectations. The only choice is to develop our own platform. Most e-bikes are in the 250-500 W range with some systems claiming 750W. We wanted true 1,000 Watts with a peak of nearly 1,800 Watts in a real production e-bike. This proved to be much more of a challenge than expected. 


Controller Integration: 
Right away it was clear the average controller would not be up to the task. Everything needed to be upscaled to handle the power that we demanded. The MAC motor has some quirky attributes that makes it a little tricky to tune. The software had to be re-written and a speed sensor needed to be added. We needed to coordinate with several different suppliers to pull it off. The result is the most powerful controller they have ever created of this type with sine wave function, 35A peak, support for torque sensing, economical to build with short lead times.

Initial batch of Custom 12 FET controllers. Lots of wires!  

Above: Standard CrossCurrent Controller, below: HyperFat Controller. New controllers are fully sealed and waterproof. Custom software written specifically for the 1000W MAC geared motor. 

 The discharge cables and phase wires all needed to be beefed up to handle the current draw of the HyperFat. 


Motor, spokes, wheels, tubes and tires coming together.   


New Battery:  
The semi-integrated downtube battery platform is now commonly used in the industry. This provides the best position for placing the battery. There are a few problems with this platform that needed to be solved. First off, the cells are stacked on top of each other like roman candles. While this is great for compactness, it a huge headache to manufacture. This architecture makes it hard to automate the welding of the tabs connecting the cells.


The next problem is the overall capacity is limited. To run at 1,000 Watts with decent range, you need something like 48V 17+Ah. The Reention platform in the 13S5P configuration gives at best 17.5 Ah with the densest cells readily available. It's possible to extend the platform to 6P but then the downtube is really long, compromized geometry, and possibly no room for the controller.  

The only solution is to re-engineer the entire pack to: 
- House enough cells
- Be easy to manufacture 
- Be short and compact
- Fit 45A BMS
- Be backwards compatible 
- Be ready for future expandability
- Look nice 



The solution took lots of money and more critically lots of time. We end up tooling our own plastic injection parts and extruding our own aluminum case. On top of this it takes many cuts and CNC operations to get the the final shape. In the end, we got what was required. The result is the foundation to build much higher performance e-bikes with backwards compatibility for existing e-bikes. 


The Frame

Fitting the huge controller, massive battery, fat tires and making it capable of withstanding the loads was another challenge. We came up with a workable solution, but of course there is always room for improvement. This kind of bike has many really thick wires and it somewhat challenging to fit everything cleanly.

One special attribute of the HF's frame design is the rear "wishbone" element. This junction of the seat tube, top tube and seat stay is milled from a solid block of aluminum. The CNC process is very time consuming and only about 4 wishbones can be made a day. The result is a very clean flowing lines across the top of the bike and a very solid feeling ride. 


Coming Together

Once every single part arrives from the suppliers, we check them to see if the production parts match the prototypes (which is not always the case). These powerful bikes are very exotic and everything just does not "go together" like some of the other bikes we manufacture and "stock" parts. We will build the bikes slowly at first and then transfer the builds to the line as we gain better understanding of how to make the bikes efficiently. The eventual goal is to have bikes in stock and ready to ship right after it's ordered. 



Here is the first build and we are only able to test it indoors since its raining very heavily outside. Thank you for your patience was we produce all of the pre-ordered bikes and catch up with demand. 




















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