Energus Tiny BMS s516-30A

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Product Description

Your battery is as good as BMS allows it to be.



  • Very small dimensions.

    Flexibility: 4 to 16 cells of any kind, including Li-ion, LiPo, LiFePO4, Li-Titanate and Li-sulfur chemistries
  • Current measurement and SOC calculation.
  • Firmware updates, new feature releases and improvements for free.
  • Bluetooth connection (good for USB replacement). Optional dongle required.
  • Event logs and live data view: easy to debug the system, check what happened and when.
  • Faster balancing due to "early balancing", which saves charging time.
  • Temperature measurement in multiple points of the battery - for safety, to prevent overheating and charging in cold.


  • Series cells: 4 to 16
  • Cell voltage: 0.80 to 4.50 V
  • Cell balancing: 150 mA, dissipative
  • Discharge/Regen current peak: 60 A
  • Discharge/Regen current sustained: 30 A
  • Charge current peak: 30 A
  • Charge current sustained: 20 A
  • Interface: USART (USB / Bluetooth / CAN)
  • Up to 64 channel temperature sensors (available in Energus Cell Modules


Windows App: Battery Insider v2.5.0.6.exe
Android App: Ebike Analyzer (link to Google Play, 3rd party)
Firmware: TinyBMS_Release_Notes.pdf
Datasheet: TinyBMS_Datasheet.pdf
Quick Start Guide: TinyBMS_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
User Manual: TinyBMS_User_Manual.pdf
Communication Protocols: TinyBMS_Communication_Protocols.pdf