Bafang SWX02 rear cassette motor slow 13 turn winding

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  1. Smooth and quiet

    Posted by Gary on 2021 May 1st

    13 turn on a 48 Volt pack worked out to 24 to 25 mph, in a 26" wheel. Very nice


Product Description

Original Bafang SWX02 or RM G020 bare cassette motor.

  • 13T Motor windings with 48V, 700C wheel will give about 30-35 kmh top speed.  If you want 45 km/h you need the 10T motor
  • A higher winding count makes the motor turn slower for a given voltage, but with more torque and higher efficiency climbing hills.  If you don't need the extra speed of the 10 turn motor, the 13T is a good choice.
  • Bare motor only, no cassette cluster, rim, spokes or brake disk or nuts/washers. 
  • If your wheel and spokes are in good condition, you can easily swap out the core of this motor into your wheel, saving the labour of lacing the new motor into your rim.  The only original parts left in the completed wheel if you swap the core out would be the motor casing and bearing on one side.
  • Does not come with axle hardware.  If you need hardware, please order it separately here.

SWX02 is the original part number, RM G020.350.DC (13) is the new designation. (Rear motor, geared second generation, 350w, disc brake with cassette (number of windings))