2016-17 CrossCurrent upgrade to 2018 CCS spec.

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  1. Like night and day

    Posted by michael r mitchell on 2019 Apr 18th

    I got this kit for my first gen CC Air. Honestly, I never felt like the original setup needed more power. Maybe on hills. But I got this kit on a whim, and it feels like a new bike. Generally, you'll be about 1 gear faster compared the original controller. With my 350W motor and 19.8/48V battery, I can easily get over 30MPH on flat terrain. 28MPH is obtainable without much effort in 8th gear. The low speed acceleration and hill climbing difference is shocking.

  2. Nice upgrade but make sure to get a new battery if you can afford it!

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Oct 13th

    I have a CrossCurrent Air with 10.4amp battery.
    As battery upgrade was out of budget for me at this point, I just went ahead and bought this kit without upgrading the battery. I can feel the improvement in acceleration, but anything past 27-30km/h ish, I can barely feel the difference. Maybe that's because my stock battery can't keep up with the current draw of new controller? I don't know.
    It's a nice upgrade for sure, but if you can afford it, make sure to upgrade the battery! I can feel the improvement for the first 5 to 10 minutes when the battery is fully charged, but anything after that, the performance decreases significantly even though the battery is still near full. So yea, as description says clearly, make sure upgrade the battery! The installation was not very hard at all, you just need to have basic tools and that's it. I am happy with David's customer service and quick shipment as always!


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Product Description

Upgrade your 2016-2017 CrossCurrent to CrossCurrent S speed, power, and advanced display.

 I have installed this kit, and it resulted in a transformed bike!  A steep hill went from a 1st gear slog, to an easy second gear ride. Expect to see higher top speeds, up to 50 km/h.  (Note that you should set the speed limit in the new display to 32km/h to comply with Canadian law when riding on public roads.)

The new display is also much better, with a more accurate battery gauge, actual voltage, speed, trip meter, walk assist, and amp hour count among other features.

The "350 watt" motor on your CrossCurrent or CrossCurrent AIR is very similar to the new "650 watt" motor on the CrossCurrent S.  The thing that actually determines the power output of the motor it the motor controller.  Replacing the old motor will result is a small increase in efficiency, but your old motor will work just fine with the more powerful motor controller. 

The controller has a plug for a headlight on a 2 pin Higo connector that can be activated from the display.  We do not have any juiced headlights at the moment, but you can use any light up to about 20 watts that accepts 48 Volts.

You must have a 12.8 or larger battery to support the higher current draw of this upgrade kit.  We have upgrade batteries as an option with this kit.


  • 9 FET 20 amp controller
  • Advanced LCD Matrix display
  • Battery connector to controller wire
  • Cable ties

Installation is not difficult, it involves removing the top battery retainer/lock, and pulling out the existing controller, disconnecting the wires from the controller, cutting the cable ties on the motor wire all the way to the rear disconnect near the motor, then installing the new controller, connecting all the wires and routing the new wire down to the motor.  The power input connector near the lock also has to be replaced with a new one that has the XT60 connector to match the controller.  Expect 1 to 1.5 hours to finish the job.


Tools needed:

  • Cutters to remove and trim cable ties
  • A metric hex key set, including a small 1.5 mm key for the new display.
  • A pair of pliers or 24mm wrench to remove the nut on the power input connector
  • A large pair of needle nose pliers can help with removing the controller.